Hello everyone! Assalamu Alaykum.

I’m Sarah Malik, founder and CEO at Pins and Pearls. I believe in bringing a style revolution in modest fashion industry of Pakistan.

The modern modest woman is a different breed altogether. For her, opting for a wardrobe staple that strikes the right balance between comfort, modesty and aesthetic is a matter of necessity.

And that is a difficult balance to strike.

We at Pins and Pearls Abayas value that very balance. In fact, we live by it. Because for over years we have been experimenting with a vast variety of colors, fabrics, cuts and trends to reinvent the traditional modest look and suit the needs of the millennial woman juggling family, work and travel.

So on days when putting together an elaborate outfit is nowhere near your list of priorities, having a modestly chic kimono, a robe-like dress or a classic abaya crafted out of rich fabrics like Arabic Malai, Chiffon, Georgette as well as Korean Butter Silk might just save the day.

And since we understand your needs and value your feedback, Pins and Pearls Abayas is more than just a business and is instead a labour of love!

Sarah Malik
Founder and CEO Pins and Pearls