The Ideal Hijab Style Guide For You in 2022


The Ideal Hijab Style Guide For You

Girls wear hijab as a sign of modesty as well as fashion. Hijab used to be very simple in the earlier days. However, as time has evolved, we can seem people get very creative with their hijab styles. Pins and Pearls have brought you the most ideal hijab style guide that every woman can take notes from:

Hijab is observed all around the world that is why it can have the touch of different cultures. Nowadays, it is normal to wear a hijab at parties, weddings, and different types of occasions. While hijab styles can vary from person to person according to their taste and preferences. 

Here we have gathered some of the definitive hijab styles for you to carry in 2022.

1. The Regular Drape:

The most common and classic style that everyone can wear. It’s greatly used in all corners of the world. The best thing about this style is that it goes well with every face shape and fabric.

You can easily tie this hijab style while keeping one side of the hijab long and one short. Drape the long side all around your head and secure it with a pin. 

2. Multi-Layered Hijab Style:

It is an extremely popular hijab style that looks very fancy and trendy. The layers of the hijab are easier to manage if they are secured well and an appropriate fabric of the hijab is used. You can get so many tutorials on how to tie this hijab style.

3. A No-Pin Hijab:

This hijab style is relatively simple from all other hijab styles. If you are running out of time, you can simply opt for this style of your hijab. It doesn’t need any pin to secure it. You can drape this style easily with a non-slippery hijab fabric. Just keep one end of your hijab longer than the other,  drape it around your head, and secure it under your chin.

4. The Turkish Hijab Style:

It is one of those trendy hijab styles that you can even wear at parties and gatherings. These hijabs are often styled with printed silky fabric. This hijab style usually doesn’t require any pins to secure it. You either tie a knot in the front of your neck or keep the ends of the scarf hanging at the back of your shoulder.

5. The Fancy-Bow Hijab Style:

It is quite a sophisticated hijab style that gives you a signature look. This hijab style looks dazzling with a crew neck shirt. You can tie this hijab by keeping one end of the hijab fabric longer than the other one. Wrap both the ends of the hijab towards the front of your neck and tie them into an elegant bow.

6. Fluffy and Voluminous Hijab:

Girls who like their hijab style a bit voluminous can tie this hijab style with a frilly fabric or layer it with a head cap underneath. If you’re using a fluffy fabric then it will hold the volume without the extra effort of layering it. Moreover, if you’re using a plain chiffon hijab then layer it to give a good volume. Keep the hijab fabric a bit longer from one side and wrap it around your neck, secure it with a pin or magnet. This is the most appropriate hijab for the summer or spring season.

Summing up, we hope the above tips and suggestions would help you in draping your favorite hijab in seamless manner. In case you are looking for some amazing and sophisticated hijabs as well as abayas so feel free to divert to Pins and Pearls website. They deliver their best quality hijabs in more than 30 countries. If you still haven’t figured out which hijab to get, feel free to contact Pins and Pearls.

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