Reliable Abaya Fabric Guide: How to Select the Best Material for your Abaya?

Relaible Abaya FabReliable Abaya Fabric Guideric Guide

Let’s get started by selecting the best fabric for your abaya. Here is the most essential guide to Abaya fabrics that we have made for you after thorough research.

Fabric is the most important aspect to check while buying any item of clothing. So, make sure you do not end up making a wrong choice when it comes to choosing fabric. These are some of the most common abaya fabrics: Linen, chiffon, nida, jersey, silk, cotton, crepe, and georgette.

The main factor while choosing an abaya is none other than the fabric itself. Best quality fabric will make you feel comfortable and satisfied so make sure that you understand the fabric well and choose it according to the right weather appropriately. So, without any further questions, let’s get started with the best quality fabrics of abayas.

1. Chiffon – The Best Abaya Fabric

Chiffon is one of the most elegant fabrics used for abayas. It’s a very lightweight fabric which is a bit transparent. Hence, you can not use a chiffon abaya without employing another cloth underneath. However, its lightweight also makes it the best abaya fabric for summers. Chiffon is mostly made up of polyester and gives your abaya a flowy and gorgeous look. 

Nida is a soft fabric made up of 100% polyester. This makes it one of the best abaya fabrics for summer. This fabric is also very comfortable to wear and is one of the most famous abaya fabrics. There are two types of nida abaya fabric. Light-weight nida can be used in hot climates and medium-weight nida can be used in subtropical climates.

3. Silk – Fancy and Elegant

Silk is that one fabric that looks super classy. This is why abaya silk fabric is a perfect choice for those who want their abayas to have an elegant touch. Silk abayas are perfect to be worn on special occasions as they give that amazing fancy look.

4. Pure Crepe

The strength of the crepe lies in its ability to resist crease. Crepe fabric twisted weaves give this high-quality fabric with a textured touch. Crepe abayas look modest and provide good coverage.

5. Georgette

Georgette Abaya is made of polyester just like chiffon abayas. However, georgette is a little more rugged than Chiffon. However, abaya georgette fabric is much more opaque than Chiffon too. Thus, georgette is a really good fabric for abayas.

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Hence, If you have more suggestions about which abaya fabric is best, let us know in the comment section below. Your suggestions can help all the abaya girls choose the best abaya fabric for themselves!

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