Rosewood Bloom Everyday Wear Abaya

The everyday everywhere abaya!
Best-selling abaya since 2019
We re-invented our classic Basic Abaya in 2019 to include elastic sleeves, a zip on the neckline and two zip pockets on each side. Its A-line cut is perfect for hiding the contours of your body and ensures comfort all day long. It’s perfect for school/university, work or
shopping. A wardrobe staple for any hijabi.

Our Everyday Wear Abayas have the following features:

•Everyday Wear Abayas have the following features:
• Elasticated cuffs help keep your sleeve cuffs on your wrist so your arms don’t go bare with movement.
• Side Slit Pockets. Don’t want to carry a bag? Easily carry your keys, phone and other essentials in your pockets. Zip-up to keep them safe.
• A-line cut. Allows for ease of movement and gives the abaya a fall so that it doesn’t cling to your body when you move.
• 14” zip on neckline which is great for nursing moms! You can also style your hijab first and throw on your abaya afterwards, right when you’re ready to leave the house.

Model’s height is 5’7” and she’s wearing a size medium.
Fabric: Double Georgette

About the fabric:
Double Georgette: Soft and Breathable | Comfortable | All Season Wear | Wrinkle Resistant

About the color:
Our best-selling color Rosewood is making a comeback this fall. Over the years we have launched many shades of burgundy and maroon but nothing quite like Rosewood. In 2019, it became everyone’s most wanted and favourite abaya color and many of our customers have requested us to bring this back over and over again. So here it is! Now available in our everyday wear range.

Some colors in double georgette abayas specially lighter tones require layering because they’re see through in certain light conditions. We recommend pairing them with light weight cotton slips (nude and off-white) and trousers in summer. In winters, something warmer can be worn underneath or over the abaya.

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