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There are several ways of covering that Muslim women observe all around the world. Some women use a headscarf to cover their hair, while some choose to wear an abaya to cover their body properly, and then comes niqab that Muslim women wear to cover their face. If you are a woman who wants to cover her face and doesn’t know where to buy the best niqab online, then we will guide you at Pins and Pearls.

What is a Niqab?

While the niqab style of covering is used to hide faces where only eyes are visible, it can be used as a separate eye veil or can be worn by employing the headscarf underneath.

Beginning of Niqab:

The niqab was originated by Muslim women as a part of their religion. According to the teachings of Allah (swt), Hijab and Niqab is the basic clothing style of Muslim women when they are in public.

Best fabric for Niqab:

The fabric of Niqab has to be light and airy due to the unbearable heat. While there’s nothing that fits all approaches so we must know what is best for our skin. Here are some of the fabrics that are used for Niqab design to keep it cool inside the veil. Nada, linen, cotton, georgette, chiffon, etc.

Buy the Best Niqab Online

If you want to have the Best niqab style that is airy but not see-through then buy a chiffon or georgette niqab which will be a perfect choice for every weather! Pins and pearls offer you the best quality niqab, hijab, abaya and kimonos online to make modest wear easier and amazing for you.